The Total Beginner’s Primer to writing

Remember you become a writer when you start writing

169 The Total Beginner's Primer to writing

Today's Topic Starting your writing journey

Writing is the second most important skill a worldbuilder can know.  Curiosity is still the most important skill.  Writing is invaluable to a worldbuilder, because you hone your delivery skills and immerse yourself in the world you are creating.

It does not matter what medium you share your work. The benefit comes from the exercise you mind receives when writing down the details of the world. You need not ever share your writing to become a writer. However, if you ever want to share the art of your worldbuilding you need to become a writer.

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The only two things that a writer need to do?

You only need to do two things to become a writer. Reading and Writing. You need to spend time reading great works. Not as a fan, but you are looking to find how the writer accomplishes. You are just looking for the brushstrokes used by authors to deliver their stories.

I think Jeff Goins summed it up really well in his article, “Why Writers Need to Read if They Want to Be Good”.

  1. Don’t read to accomplish anything.
  2. Study language.
  3. Read what others are reading.

Remember, your reading as a writer is not about genre. Personally, I avoid reading new fantasy novels at this point when I am writing. I am looking for writers of other genres to inspire me with different ways to deliver words on the page.


The next step

If you need to improve your reading comprehension or writing skills, even after you start practicing those skills. Do not give up. Look for others to help you.

  1. Writing circles
  2. Beta read for others
  3. Look for online courses from authors you respect
  4. Look for more academic help through classes from colleges or through places like Great Courses Plus.

Author vs writer?

Now, I do not believe writers have to be published authors. However, if want to share your content online in any form. You need to add more writing to your routine.

You might want to write novels, short stories, or RPG adventures; or you might want to simply make videos, share art, or do a podcast. All of these types of creatives should write.


However, if you are in the first group. Those people who will deliver their art through the written word. You need to start reading and writing every day. For the rest of you, try do spend some time every week. The only risk to you is exercising your mind.


Now join Michael and Jeffery in this week’s episode action packed episode of the Worldbuilder’s Anvil.


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Podcast Show Flow

    • I started with comic books
    • Fantasy got me into reading novels
  • writing book/story reports and reviews to confirm comprehension (remember all those reading comprehension exercises in school?
  • Take writing/literature classes
  • They Only two types of narrative stories ever told
  • Have an opinion
  • Have something to say


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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Write a book report.


The Real-world Task for the Day

Get rid some of all those old books you don't need anymore. Someone else wants to read them.


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