Episode 13: Cultures in your Fantasy World

Cultures are the cement of your fantasy world

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Today's Topic – Fantasy World Cultures

  • What is a culture in a fantasy world?
    • Shared Experience
    • Shared symbolism
    • Shared Beliefs and Norms
    • Language
    • Religion
    • Common Food, and Rituals
    • Art, Music, and Dress
  • What culture is not?
    • A country (Most likely not)
    • A Race (Most likely not)
    • Fixed in time

The Rating

This is a Basic topic

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

If you only have a list of countries and races that act like cultures. Don’t

The Real World task for the day

Start taking responsibility for problems that cannot be your fault

The Tease 1 Minute


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  • Sagebrook says:

    I’m enjoying the podcast, but stopped cold when I heard the Real World task for the day for this episode.

    I disagree whole-heartedly. I believe that taking accountability for something you have no control over is detrimental on two fronts. First, it adds an unnecessary burden to yourself without any way to relieve the burden (since you have no control over it). Second, it takes the accountability away from the other person, leaving them unable to change their own circumstances.

    On the flip side, I believe that empathizing with others is a good practice… For example, say that you are sorry that they had a bad day and that you understand what it is like to have a bad day. This helps to build a connection and can create a team mindset to tackle circumstances that can be changed together.

    Thanks for podcasting,

  • Jeffery Ingram says:

    Thank you very much for listening to the show. I always apreciate feedback, even criticism.
    I also appreciate the thoughtful approach you took in you comment. To be honest, I could not agree more, with you comments on being empathetic. I might use it in a future real world task of the day.
    However, I think I did a poor job explaining why you should appologize for things beyond your control. It is really a way, I use to help diffuse a situatuion with some shocking humor.
    My wife has never pushed the responsibly for other actions onto me. If she did, it would be a horrible situatuion. It is more meant to break the cycle of a bad day with strange humor. I appologize,if I did not make that clear.
    Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback. I look forward to more comments in the future.