Episode 14: Races

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Today's Topic – Races

  • What are Races?
    • Depends on how you define it for your world
    • Common appearance of the grouping
      • Not body height, weight, and intelligence should vary based on nutrition
    • Shared Traits by then vast majority of the group
  • What Races is not?
    • All living in one country
    • Photocopies of each other (Depends)
    • What I say

The Rating

This is a Basic topic

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a list of all your races.

Check out GURPS, the best interactive storytelling system.  A great way to have beta testers give you live feedback about your world.

Check out Legolas in the Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) and tell me in the comments.  What happened to Frank the Elf?  And Why does Rico Get no love?

The Real World task for the day

Really think about what you are doing.  If you fail at this you could waste your time and spend more time preforming real world task.

The Tease 1 Minute


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  • gobot90 says:

    Hey Jeffrey-

    Loving the show. Have you got any plans to cover software options to help with worldbuilding, from databases to writing apps like Scrivener to drawing apps to help with mapmaking. I’ve tried quite a few and can weigh in, though I am always looking fir more ideas.

    Thanks and keep up the great podcasting!

    • Jeffery Ingram says:

      I plan to talk more about tools i use. I am also considering go into software youtube addons showing how I use them. I think that would work better with pictures. I also working on a Scrivener worldbuilding bible template to give away to email subscribers.

    • Jeffery Ingram says:

      Wow sorry I missed this for a month.