Episode 6: Makeover Session

Today's Topic – Makeover Session

  • Name of my world: Gardul Earth-like Fantasy
    • Sometimes: Podcastia
  • Important Rules
    • Recreation and Evolution
    • The elements of the universeare spread outamongst the stars when they explode
      • Life is caused by the elements present on a world
      • Life on different planets can be similar because of the last rule.
    • Speed of light is the maximum speed for particles a atom or larger
    • Cosmic stringscan be tapped to bend space and time to allow forfaster then light travel and move far distances
      • Some are Major and can be used to travel between different parts of the universe.
      • Others are minor and can be used to move across planets
      • Major points only exist in space
      • Minor points are places the races consider to be holy or magic sites
    • Survival of the fittest does not mean the best, strongest version survives.
    • surviving does not mean winning
    • Economics is ruled by “Human Action”
    • Magic simple another rule of the universe. It allows people to manipulate the other rules for a price.
      • The cost of magic prevents those that use it from dominating
    • Tech Level for first stories is Late Iron Age Technology
    • Magic has four forms True, Divine, Casting, and Spirit

The Rating

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Determine the Technology for your world. Check out all the GURPS books and visit Steve Jackson Games

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The Real World task for the day

Prepare your lunch ahead of time, so you are not rushed in the morning going to work

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Basics Breakdown

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  • Belinda Crawford says:

    Great episode! It’s inspired me to note some of the rules I’m using in my worldbuilding (somewhat belatedly). Getting some of the thoughts out of my head has been quite helpful.

    I started writing my rules here (http://jorn.belindacrawford.com/the-rules/).

  • Jeffery Ingram says:

    Sweet., I love it. I think it makes the process of creating new content easier. Knowing the limits of your world will help speed up new content creation.