Worldbuilder Podcast Interview Request

Fantasy, Science Fiction or other worldbuilding genres apply within

Do you have a new book, game, or role-playing supplement? Do you need exposure to our audience of worldbuilders and geeks? We are typical will do only one interview every three months. You do not need to be huge. However, you need to have started.

Look at the 4 things you need and be sure to include them in your message. We look forward to hearing from you.

4 Things you need to get selected for an interview

  • A website dedicated to you or your products or art (more than one is okay)
  • Social media presence on one platform
  • The burning desire to share something with the world! 
    • A book, game, art, or service that our listeners would NEED!
  • Fill out the request form below.

Other things that will help you

  • An email list
  • A launch date in the future
  • A giveaway or discount to entice people to follow you or buy your art