Season 4 Episode 2 Culture as a Spoon

Season 4 Episode 2 Culture as a Spoon

Today's Topic – Steps to awakening your inner worldbuilder

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Choose your cultural pill Red or Blue
  • The Red Truth – What is a Culture?
  • The Blue Truth – There is no Spoon… Culture only exists from the outside because it is believed to exist from within
  • A Culture Exist through an argument between its parts
    • … To Be a real Member you must”
    • … We must be better by”
    • … We must remember”
    • …We must forget”
  • Culture is a Circle
    • There is not beginning or Ending
    • The idea culture is an illusion caused by the nature of it changing and consensus
    • No Beginning or End (Hopefully)
    • Rapid Changes are possible
    • Names Can Change new tribes can form
  • How to make it work
    • Treat cultures like Characters
    • Some or Static and Some are dynamic
    • Realize you can never finish them

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

If you have an epic story how would your main culture change

The Real-world Task for the Day

Little Changes for big problems

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